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16 thoughts on “airy scarf

  1. so pretty! I love this color.

  2. What a perfectly luxurious springtime accessory! And I’m not talking about the soap!

  3. So pretty! Gorgeous red.

  4. I have recently become, not just a little, obsessed with Habu yarns, this post only adds to my fascination. I think that airy little scarf (and the bodywork goodies) will make a scrumptious care package, lucky mom!

  5. I, too, am obsessed with Habu (and Megan’s luxe products). The scarf is gorgeous Brooke. Beautiful colour and design.

  6. just stunning, Brooke. I’m sure she will love it.

  7. what a great combination – Megan’s stuff and this scarf! The red is very pretty!

  8. Wow. Gorgeous. I love the color and I love the scarf!

  9. Gorgeous! You are so good. I, on the contrary, only have a cuff+ to give my mother in law…*sigh*

  10. Loving this red! My goodness! it is almost mother’s day! I was going to knit her a shawl. The swallow tail shawl from Interweave knits. What happened? Where did the time go? Now what? ek.

  11. that’s just gorgeous!!

  12. way beyond beautiful …

  13. I’ve never tried Habu, but it looks like it would be lovely to work with. Gorgeous scarf!

  14. oh, lovely project, perfect for this time of year – your mum will surely enjoy it!

  15. That is really beautiful…and I’m imagining it’s even more beautiful in real life as it’s made from lace weight cashmere. Lovely!

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