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handspun : landscape


Hand-Dyed Shetland Wool by hello yarn in Landscape
I became obsessed with spinning this fiber last week. Each evening I would spin different colours. Green grass one day, fuchsia sky the next. Saturday morning I plied it, set the twist and put it outside to dry for the rest of the afternoon. Spinning still comes second to knitting. It’s something I do in spurts. But I can’t help admit that while spinning up this particular Shetland wool top the desire to make the huge mental and financial jump from spindle to wheel grew greater as these colours twisted round each other.
As for my knitting, I’ve been working on this. All other projects are on hold. Stockinette stitch is what I need now & so that’s what I must knit.

10 thoughts on “handspun : landscape

  1. Beautiful spun yarn.

  2. It’s so wonderful to see my wool spun up by the same person who made that wonderful Baby Surprise Jacket that inspired me to make mine. It’s a small, woolly world.
    I spun a lot over the last week, too. It must be in the air.

  3. I love your hand spun. do you spin on the spindle?

  4. very pretty – truly does look like a landscape! sometimes our knitting brains just need a break and stockinette is the perfect way….

  5. beautiful!! Enjoy the stockinette — we all need it sometimes.

  6. Oh my, what lovely handspun. The colours are so soft and natural, they remind me of Noro’s Kochoran line (my absolute favourite)

  7. Beautifully spun! I really like the colors. I used my drop spindle this weekend, it is so addicting. I love it making yarn! What will you do with this finery?

  8. Yummy! Great yarn, and great picture too! I am excited to see what it looks like all knit up.

  9. It’s so very pretty!

  10. Gorgeous handspun. What do you knit with handspun fiber? I always see photos of this gorgeous twisted stuff, but I never see it knit up.

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