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handspun & handknit


Still spinning and knitting stockinette stitch…
I need to get more of this fiber – I only had enough for a large long swatch, but I love the way it looks in stockinette stitch. Uneven stitches. Unexpected beauty.
Mongolian Cashmere & Mulberry Silk Top in Cream
50/50, Micron Count : 16
And winding yarn…
I was the lucky recipient of Nova’s birthday contest – my first STR yarn!
Thank you so much Nova!

12 thoughts on “handspun & handknit

  1. The handspun is so pretty! I never know what to do with the tiny skeins. I’ve had enough of the “one skein” patterns, too- they don’t seem worthy of handspun.

  2. Looks just beautiful. Can I touch it? 😉

  3. Gorgeous handspun. I got my first STR from Cara, but I haven’t knit with it yet. I guess I’m saving it =)

  4. beautiful job spinning and photographing the cashmere and silk – it looks so yummy.

  5. So beautiful, Brooke. Your photo depicts the yarn’s softness perfectly.

  6. The spinning and the knitted handspun is gorgeous. Your spinning skills are inspirational! I do hope you enjoy knitting the STR yarn, I think you will!

  7. Your handspun is so beautiful!
    Enjoy your prize!

  8. That Mongolian cashmere looks amazing! Just uneven enough to be perfectly perfect.

  9. Hey there,
    i love ur blog…I have added u as a link on my last knitting post
    luv Abby

  10. beautiful picture, where are you, we need an update…

  11. Oh wow, must get some of that fibre! It looks wonderful. Must be a joy to spin and knit with.

  12. The yarn you spun looks fabulous – and I bet it is incredibly soft, too. I can’t seem to spin anything that finely.

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