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Cairn, Crag, Tarn, Tundra….I absolutely love the shades of Rowan’s new Cocoon collection.
The yarn reminds me of what I already have on the needles, so I think I’ll finish that project first. There’s also the question of knitting two sweaters in a row with yarns so similar in fiber content. But the Cocoon is chunky and I haven’t knit with 6 mm needles in ages.
Waiting in its not so rustic habitat…
I was thinking of knitting Narvik in one color – I love this photo (slightly different than the one in the magazine), the cables, the stitch pattern on the sleeves. But if I take away the model with braids wrapped around her head and the beautiful landscape behind her, do I still want to knit it? There’s something about the styling in the photo that makes me forget it’s cropped, something that makes it look almost wrap-like. I may just go with the more tailored Oslo. Ah, decisions. I love thinking about what to knit next.

6 thoughts on “rustic

  1. I love Oslo…love love love it! The cropped-ness and shape of Narvik makes me leery of how it’d look on me….

  2. Ooh, Cocoon looks scrumptious! I love Oslo. The cropped and bulky look is tough to pull off!

  3. Oslo, how I love thee. I think Oslo is a really beautiful sweater, but I agree the styling makes me want to knit everything in the magazine. I am the last person in the world who could actually wear Narvik, but I think knitting it would be fun.

  4. Oooh. Do Oslo. So I can enjoy it vicariously.

  5. when i first got my rowan fall book i marked the Oslo and hardly noticed the Narvik. but you’re right the different styling with this (pinned higher) makes a huge difference.
    now to my eyes the Oslo looks quite ordinary and the Narvik more exciting and adventurous. Narvik gets my vote.
    i love thinking what to knit next too. and looking again and again at my knitting mags.

  6. Beautiful beautiful colors! Knit either – both are so nice!

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