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lace sleeves


I’m slowly making progress on this cardigan. The sleeves moved a little faster than I was expecting (maybe because of the lace pattern), but they still took me about a month to knit. This morning I started the raglan shaping. I’m looking forward to finishing this project – nothing against the yarn or pattern, I just really need to move on…
I enjoyed reading your comments on my last post. I think the appeal of Oslo is that it looks modern. Something to knit and wear now with its structural cable and clean lines. I really want to cast on, but I think I’ll break my usual habit of overlapping projects and finish this before starting a new project.

4 thoughts on “lace sleeves

  1. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing it finished just as much as you’re looking forward to finishing it.

  2. this looks so fresh and pretty. i don’t recognize the pattern or the yarn but you’ve likely mentioned it some where (i’m a recent reader).
    wish you good speed with the rest of it.

  3. Ooh, you’re so close!!

  4. love the pattern – just beautiful. But with every project there are times you *just* want to be done. Good luck!

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