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the plan


I’ve started my holiday knitting and this year I’m knitting hats. I’m using Manos Del Uruguay and the hat patterns from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Rolled brims, ribbed brims, garter stitch ear flaps in an assortment of colors.
The first hat is finished (most of the recipients don’t read here so I’m free to share the pretty stitches) in English E.
What is your opinion of Manos? I think most knitters either love it or hate it. I love it. Here’s my favorite skein from my collection – Wheat
Strategy to finish hand knits by Christmas – stick to hats knit in the recipient’s favorite color

11 thoughts on “the plan

  1. I love it- especially the nice semi-solids you’re using. Lovely.

  2. I love Manos. I’ve made two ponchos out of it, along with other projects. Great colorways.

  3. Sounds like a excellent plan!
    I love the colours of Manos. I have never knitted with it, but once bought a hank for a friend as a gift.

  4. Love, love, love. I especially like it for garments that don’t have parts that rub together. (Pilling is one of the very few drawbacks of softly spun singles, IMHO.)
    Great plan, by the way.

  5. I love Manos too, especially the semi-solids. Funny coincidence, I just blogged about one of my favourite Manos scarves a few minutes ago actually…
    The hats are a great idea. Your first one is lovely, and that “Wheat” skein is totally gorgeous.

  6. I’m desperately wanting to try Manos – the slubby texture seems incredible. I love the Wheat in your photo.

  7. What a great idea! It’s definitely a doable plan, and it looks like you’re going to have fun with all the variations on the hats. As for Manos, uh, it’s too scratchy for me 😦 But Malabrigo, oh, Malabrigo, it’s like butter!

  8. I love Manos! Those will be wonderful gifts!

  9. I too am a fan of the Manos. I have two skeins waiting to become something wonderful, but I have not idea what…perhaps a hat?!
    This idea is brilliance, itself.

  10. I actually just bought my first few skeins of Manos the other day–waiting for it to arrive. Perhaps I will join in the hat knitting fun.

  11. I love the colors and it felts like a dream, but it’s much too itchy for me. I usually substitute with Malabrigo – much softer. The hats are going to be great!

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