The Daily Purl

8 thoughts on “tied

  1. Very nice, congrats on the completion!

  2. You’ll love it in the Habu lamb/linen.

  3. Nora has got me Jonesing for that scarf too. Just after I finish my two surprise Christmas gift scarves I MUST FINISH, that is next on my list. Love the scarf!

  4. simple and elegant – just beautiful. And a silk blend – heaven!

  5. Absolutely lovely version of a gorgeous pattern. I like how your version represents one end of the spectrum and Nora’s the other. Lovely.

  6. omg! I have a ball of manos silk wool at home just waiting for a pattern and i think this would be perfect!! thanks for the inspiration!

  7. So elegant and beautiful~ I hope it keeps the recipient very cozy 🙂

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