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Warp: Habu A-165-26 1/20 tokken viscose silk
Weft: Habu A-34-7405 cashmere
Scarf: 6 inches x 59 inches
Start: 11.24.07
Finish: 12.20.07
I wrapped this handwoven scarf around my neck this morning with mixed feelings about the resulting piece. The fabric is incredibly soft but I wanted to create a more balanced weave. I was looking to create a piece where the sticky uneven viscose silk warp would play equally with the delicate plies of the cashmere weft to create a balanced weave. On the loom, weft dominated warp. But now seeing the photograph with the scarf worn around my neck, I think there is a hint of my original intention for the piece. The viscose silk is present in a more subtle way giving depth to the resulting fabric.
A few days ago I was nearing the end of the warp when one of the warp threads snapped. I had turned the back handle too tightly and with too much force while adjusting the tension. I fixed the thread by adding a piece of warp and securing it at each end with a weaver’s knot. Apparently this knot is incredibly strong and it’s not noticeable in the scarf. The warp material I used is actually my favorite thus far – a bit uneven, a tad sticky, silk with texture.
My attention now turns to the stack of hats that need to be wrapped….Happy Holidays!

8 thoughts on “subtle

  1. Mixed feelings aside, I think its beautiful.

  2. i get what you were going for – but sometimes balanced is boring. i love the warp line in this and it looks like a sophisticated slice of fabric.

  3. It looks elegant and lovely. The texture is gorgeous.

  4. The scarf is stunning. I was wondering about your hats, actually.

  5. I can definitely see little vertical lines running down the scarf! It’s a lovely detail.
    Congrats on all the hats 🙂

  6. In due time, I will understand much more about what you are talking about – until then, I will tell you that I think your piece is amazing and elegant. It looks wonderful around your neck~

  7. the fabric is so delicate and beautiful! It may not be perfect, but it is handmade (and cozy!)

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