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a winter coat


Aran Coat
Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky in Stout, Shade 554 Lot 19G4 – 11 balls
needles: 32” and 16” US 10 addi circular needles and US 10 dpns
buttons: 5 wooden toggle buttons #W35 from Durango Button Company
size: 34” around body, 29“ from shoulder to lower edge
steek: crocheted steek using 5.00 mm crochet hook, used Eunny Jang’s tutorial here, although I cast on 4 sts as suggested I would RX cast on 5 at the center front
mods: 12 st Sheepsfold instead of 10 st
9 st Ribbon Cable from The Opinionated Knitter replaced the Fishbone pattern
Followed the shoulder epaulet directions but the actual epaulet is not as pronounced on my coat.
The hood – the only part of the project I’m not completely satisfied with as it’s too deep. I love the way the increases organically shape the hood – it looked okay while I was knitting it, but unfortunately it is too deep. The height, 12 inches, is perfect and the epaulet worked out beautifully. Shoulder holder and afterthought pockets to be added at a later date.
[close up of the coat here]
This project was filled with new things I hadn’t tried before and the process, from planning the coat and stitch patterns using a circular schematic to knitting the Sheepsfold pattern, was pure knitting bliss. I no longer fear the crocheted steek, but find it beautiful. I loved working EZ’s sewn cast off (her favorite for garter stitch) on the front borders. Perfect tension, even stitches, neat edges – a cast off that gives the garment the finished look I’m always after when completing a project.
I’ll miss sitting down each night with the huge mass of wool on my lap and Knitting Around at my side. Knit in chunky tweedy wool, my perfect winter project is now my favorite winter coat.

28 thoughts on “a winter coat

  1. Oh my goodness!! So gorgeous- definitely one to be proud of.

  2. My first reaction to your picture was “oohhhhhhhhh”. So gorgeous and well done!

  3. Can we see a bigger picture? It looks awesome in the distance, but I would love a closer look! 🙂

  4. It’s so gorgeous! Your picture is too!

  5. It looks gorgeous! I love the color! It looks so warm and cuddly. I want to touch it.

  6. wow. so beautiful!! i bet it’s gorgeous on!

  7. that is truly amazing. beautiful. i’d also love some closer shots of the shoulders and all those cables!

  8. It is stunning. . . what a fantastic knit!

  9. Holy Hell! That is fantastic! I can’t use enough exclamation points!!! lol
    You must feel so proud. Great job.

  10. Ooooh! It’s so pretty 🙂
    Yes, we need more closeups!

  11. you did a really beautiful job here. this looks like it would feel so good on.
    i think most of us relate to that slightly empty feeling when a big project is done.

  12. That is so beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!

  13. just stunning! beautiful work with the twig colored tweed.

  14. Absoultely beautiful. Any modeled shots?

  15. Absolutely beautiful!! I saw your photos of this over on Flickr! I think I would wear this every day if it were mine!

  16. WOW! That is gorgeous! I think that this is the first completed version of this coat that I’ve seen. Any chance we can get some modeled pics? I would love to know how it fits. I’ve had this on my back burner for years!

  17. What an amazing coat and the toggles are perfect for it!

  18. It’s stunning, just stunning –

  19. I think all of the superlatives have been used already – it’s just perfect. So much style in the composition. Hats off to you again.

  20. It’s beautiful, love the photo styling too.

  21. That’s just beautiful!

  22. It’s amazingly beautiful. I knew it would be when you started it; but, really, it’s knitting inspiration. Everytime I see the pattern in TOK, I think, “one day.” It’s so great to see one of these all knit up. Good work!

  23. Sigh… Perfection, right down to the most charming buttons EVER!

  24. So lovely. Such a classic, you’ll probably treasure it for dacades!

  25. I’ve been waiting to see this! It’s really wonderful. An heirloom!

  26. Wow, Nova pointed me here because EZ’s aran coat is my be-all, end-all project. My ‘one thing I would knit this year’ if I could only knit one thing the whole year. Yours is super. I especially love the color and the cables. The toggles are splendid. I’d love to see a modeled shot of it.

  27. Oh, it’s wonderful! Your blog is new to me – I just came via Megan’s link at the Philistine – but I’ll be back, and back. The Yorkshire Tweed is perfection here.

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