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tsumugi silk scarf


weaving swatch inspired by the samples in Plain Weaving
A day in early January inspired this scarf and then time was spent thinking about how to capture it via warp and weft. I chose muted green and gray tsumugi silk and planned a specific stripe sequence for the warp. I used the same material for the weft but also added some kid mohair to contrast the cotton-like feel of the silk. I finished late last night and was eager this morning to see it in natural light, to wrap this new textile around my neck. Delicate texture – it feels wonderful.
Warp: habu tsumugi silk (A-1-1 and A-1-43)
Weft: habu tsumugi silk (A-1-1 and A-1-43) & habu kid mohair (N-52-24)
Scarf: 9.5 inches by 55 inches

17 thoughts on “tsumugi silk scarf

  1. You completely captured the mood of that photo. The scarf is really, really beautiful!

  2. that is beautiful. light and airy, but still with substance to it…the colors are beautiful – captured perfectly!

  3. I am so inspired by your work, B – this scarf is so lovely. I really like how you expanded on that photo scene.

  4. I know that the Habu fibers were originally created for use in weaving, and that the knitters hijacked them for their own purpose… I have to admit that I had actually never seen them used the way they were intended to! Your weaving work is absolutely lovely πŸ™‚

  5. B – you completely captured the mood of the photo in a textile. i keep saying it but it just looks so much like woven mist. just beautiful!

  6. that wintery photo is atmospheric! (and very impressive weaving, too)

  7. So poetic! I absolutely love your muted, delicate scarf.

  8. Absolutely breath-taking. Just when you had convinced me that I needed to learn to spin, you now have me lusting after a loom.

  9. This is fantastic… I feel the pull towards weaving as well, looking at this and the other things you are making! It would crack the budget though. And it IS woven mist.

  10. This is truly beautiful. Your work is amazing, unique and inspirational. I love the colours and mood – perfectly captured.

  11. So lovely, as always!
    BTW – I’ve left you a little something at my blog. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh, my, that scarf is gorgeous! Winter in a scarf, lovely.

  13. This is so delicate and beautiful – I love the shifting stripes. Just lovely.

  14. Truly amazing. Your work is always beautiful and inspiring; but I think the weaving is especially so. Quite lovely.

  15. Exquisite! And a beautifully presented story, breathtakingly gorgeous photographs……

  16. “you make my day!” πŸ™‚
    thank you.

  17. just beautiful.
    your weaving is stunning.

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