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bluestone scarf


warp & weft : tsumugi silk from habu (A-1-1 & A-1-7), 9.5 inches by 44 inches
tiennie knits, knitting philistine, black dog knits and assemblage thank you for including me in your “you make my day” list. I’m always eager to find out what you’re creating -you make my day too.
Here’s my short list:
madelinetosh : gorgeous hand dyed yarns using natural dyes
coloursknits : amazing photographs
dogs steal yarn : beautiful words
lolly knitting around : inspired – both knitting and weaving
fluffbuff : for the lace
dogged. : love her quilts (and bailey too)
nova made : pie & knitting – perfect
six and a half stitches : awe-inspiring textures & original projects
whispering pine : delicious raw fabrics turned into stylish garments
ah-yi : handwoven scarves in amazing patterns and colours
Thank you for making my day, your work truly inspires me.

12 thoughts on “bluestone scarf

  1. thanks, brooke! i love your blog very much, especially these lovely weaving projects!
    (would you be interested in a swap, sewing/weaving??)

  2. wow that is gorgeous!! love the blue and the fringe that is a different color in that one area of striping. great job

  3. Thank you, Brooke. You make my day as well! I really enjoy the projects you post, as well as your pictures and words. Everything your hands touch turns out so beautifully, like this scarf. It’s absolutely lovely.

  4. your bluestone scarf is just lovely. i like your assymetrical stripe – perfectly done.

  5. thank you so much, brooke – you continue to inspire me and “make my day” with your creations. your weaving is something i aspire too. beautiful work. i really need to play with some of the habu in my stash 🙂
    best wishes~

  6. Brooke, thank you so much for including me in your short list!
    I love your weaving and how you photograph it. Simply beautiful. 🙂

  7. I love those blue colours – so so pretty. Those are very special scarves that you are making, thank you for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the include! You know I love your photography and projects as well. So very inspiring to say the least!

  9. Beautiful scarf! You really do deserve the award for your wonderful blog.

  10. absolutely beautiful! i love the stripe pattern and the choice of colors! so beautiful!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful scarf. Awe inspiring

  12. I am loving your weaving projects. They are so restrained and sophisticated.

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