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After working my last knitting project in dark, bulky yarn I’ve been craving something light, organic and skinny. I have an idea in my head of what I want to make – something simple and streamlined. Seeking simplicity – in life and my knitting, that’s what I want right now.
Top: Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Organic Cotton | 100% color grown cotton | Organic Birch
Bottom: Rowan purelife | Organic Cotton Naturally Dyed | Quebracho & Cuba

7 thoughts on “simplicity

  1. those are beautiful. the essence of simplicity. do you have sweater amounts or were you thinking something smaller?

  2. we are on the same page – definitely simple. these will be perfect. can’t wait to see 😉

  3. lovely off-whites. the rowan organic cotton looks delicious.

  4. I’ve only heard wonderful things about that yarn. Alas, I have yet to try it.

  5. I’ll be so interested to see what you think of the Rowan.
    And I look forward to seeing your simple.

  6. Such pretty yarns together! So simple.

  7. This resonates completely with my latest thoughts- lighter colours and textures. Looking forward to your version.

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