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the gray collection


I was just thinking about taking a walk but it has started to rain again. It was clear this morning – I guess I missed my chance. I was looking forward to wrapping this soft alpaca scarf around my neck, the loosely spun fringe catching the wind. I wouldn’t mind a break from these overcast rainy days – but I couldn’t help using gray materials again. Shades of gray in textiles don’t look dreary to me, but appear crisp and modern. For this piece I wanted something modern but not too crisp – the uneven yarn, handspun on a drop spindle over the course of many days, creates a fabric full of textural interest and warmth.
Warp: naturally dyed silk from habu – kakishibu tokkenshi in sumi charcoal (A-15-43)
Weft: handspun alpaca – single ply – baby alpaca top in silver streak – fiber from the yarn tree
handwoven scarf 11.5 inches by 54 inches (not including fringe)

9 thoughts on “the gray collection

  1. i love grey, too [works so well with my ubiquitous black…].
    your texture is lovely. and i want to touch it!

  2. I’m obsessed with grey lately. So elegant, so beautiful. And your scarf is exactly that. Ever consider setting up an etsy shop with your incredible weaving?

  3. So beautiful, as always!

  4. beautiful. perfectly captures the crappy weather we’ve been having!! 🙂

  5. This is, of course, lovely. I have no reference point from which to judge speed in weaving, but it seems that your rate of finishing weaving projects is rather fast. I suppose it helps to have inspiration all around you. I like the way you incorporate your environment into your projects. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Your work is wonderful. I am just starting out with weaving and seeing this I realized what I have been aspiring to.

  7. Once again, such a beautiful scarf.
    Grey is my favourite colour. Most sweaters I own, and many other clothes, and nearly all the projects on my To Knit list are grey. Grey is cool, gentle but firm, soothing and serene. Hooray for grey!*
    *Except the weather, of course. Here, too.

  8. Another beautiful weaving project. I too adore grey. Don’t suppose I could commission you…?

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