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linen work


Gear linen from habu as warp and weft. Incredibly interesting texture, but a challenging material during the warping process. It’s structural when woven in plain weave, but as I experimented and added some tsumugi silk (far right) it turned into an amazing fabric. I need to let the experience sit with me for a while and contemplate the design and use for another project – this material will be on the loom in the future. This sample piece features the hand-controlled weave chaining – it actually looks better when worked in thicker yarn (see here where I worked the chain in handspun alpaca – the chain sits on the surface) but I think the thin strand of silk contrasts nicely with the gear-like texture of the linen yarn.

handwoven scarf 7 inches by 58 inches
And linen yarn from linnet. This yarn was really easy to use as warp material and I was surprised when I gathered it in my hands during the warping process. It felt smooth, almost silky. I used 1/1 leno weave, peppering the length of the plain weave scarf with little squares of this open work technique. The combination of plain weave and linen yarn naturally creates a somewhat stiff fabric, but it’s offset here by the leno weave. Handwoven in colours ecru and acorn flax, it makes for an incredibly airy, light scarf.

11 thoughts on “linen work

  1. the delicate open weave of the linen is absolutely superb – especially the detail near the edge.
    simply beautiful.

  2. those are stunning. i love the texture of the open weave.

  3. Wow, these are beautiful.

  4. Just beautiful. And beautifully photographed too. May I ask, what kind of camera do you have?

  5. Your detailing looks so tactile – if only for ‘feel’ monitors!

  6. Beautiful work and photos.

  7. What beautiful work. So soothing!

  8. I love to see your way to show your weavings. very beautiful work!

  9. Very beautiful,B. It’s nice to read the reviews of the yarn you are working with. I absolutely love the shot of the spools from linnet. Lovely.

  10. very intricate and delicate.. I just love this!

  11. Your recent work is very beautiful and inspiring. I can look at these photos for hours…

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