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The room was flooded with light when I took this photo, making the color of the yarn look a bit lighter here.
It’s the start of a new knitting project, the Chinese Style Pullover by Setsuko Torii from Hand-Knit Works (kit-89 from habu). I received my copy a few months ago and was having trouble deciding where to start. All the garments are so gorgeous. I was inspired to get kit-89 after seeing beautiful versions here and here. Last weekend I was in the back room at habu, standing in front of the colors and trying to decide what two strands would look good together. I compared huge light hanks of shosenshi paper, finally choosing khaki and gray. I’ve only knit about 5 inches and already I’m in love with the texture created by the linen yarn. The pattern, the sounds of the material as you knit and the surface texture of the garment make for a new and invigorating knitting experience.

8 thoughts on “new

  1. How did you know that I’ve been drooling over the Habu website all week, trying to decide what to make?
    I have some of their shosenshi paper yarn, purchased ~3 years ago, and could not (until now) figure out what to do with it…
    Your color choices are lovely, and the pattern is very elegant. Good choices!

  2. That is the most interesting “yarn”. What a great texture it creates!

  3. What a gorgeous design, I think you have chosen the perfect yarn. It’s going to be lovely, this knit, when you are done.

  4. I love those tones of grey!

  5. Whispering through the leaves to you across the ocean – you will make beauty out of this I am sure.

  6. your colour compbination is looking wonderful.
    [always interesting to see how other versions develop.]
    and creating some good noise? 🙂

  7. oh this is such a lovely knit and nice color choices.

  8. this is such a gorgeous knit… in fact, i am tempted to pick it up when i will be up there at the shop in a few weeks. gorgeous!

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