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I closed the week by finishing a book and completing a new fall sweater. And yet they both carried over to a misty, foggy weekend. Characters lingered in my mind as I wrapped myself in grey wool to take off the morning chill.


This sweater calls for five buttons. I dug through my Grandmother’s stash in hopes of finding a full set. Coming up empty, I sewed on this single button as a temporary closure. However now that I see this beauty in place, I may just continue to wear it with the one button.


Flair by Wendy Bernard
Size Small
Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran (10 balls)
4.5 mm needles

14 thoughts on “lingering

  1. it is perfect…one button may be all it needs.

  2. very pretty, love the grey!!

  3. I love that shade of gray.

  4. Beautiful. Love the single button – it’s a good one!

  5. Gorgeous, as always.

  6. I do like the grey you used and one button looks right with that sweater.

  7. I think the one button is absolutely perfect, as is the sweater itself.

  8. Your knitting is so meticulously done. I love the stitch detail and how how the single button makes an impact.

  9. You knit such beautiful things!

  10. Mmmm… Yes… I love it with one button! And what a pretty button it is.

  11. I really like the simplicity of one button. Very nice with the lovely gray too.
    What book were you enjoying?

  12. Gorgeous – and the single button is perfect.

  13. i love the single button on your flair. i think i may remove the extra buttons on mine and just keep the first one.

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