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heelless sleeping socks




I didn’t start my socktoberfest socks until the last few days of October. But despite my late start, I’m excited to be back knitting socks again. Inspired by Mustaa Villaa’s socks, I cast on for a pair of Heelless Sleeping Socks by Nancy Bush. There’s a lot of purling in this stitch pattern, but they still move quickly on the needles. I knit them as written from stash yarn using my favorite rosewood dpns – all factors that make for good knitting and warm feet.
Heelless Sleeping Socks by Nancy Bush
Knitting Vintage Socks
2.75 mm Lantern Moon rosewood dpns
Koigu KPM 2 skeins

9 thoughts on “heelless sleeping socks

  1. Love everything about this. The pattern, the colour, the beautiful knitting and photos. And Koigu + Lantern moon Rosewood needles=heaven!

  2. I made a baby-sized pair of these recently, hoping they would fit him through several sizes, and have seriously considered an adult-sized pair for myself. Yours look very comfy.

  3. I am envious of your knitting experience on this pair! Beautiful process and results.

  4. These are so lovely! I always feel peaceful when looking at your blog.

  5. How lovely, B~ beautiful color and beautiful socks. I made this pattern a few years ago, and I want to try it again. Simple and pleasant to knit. Enjoy your lovely new socks~

  6. They are great!
    I saw musta villa’s socks too, and have a pair that just got off my needles.

  7. Beautiful colours! I wish you many happy knitting hours wearing them

  8. Just gorgeous. You are creating serious knitting envy over here in London.

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