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winding fiber



Empty cones and scraps of organic cotton greet me as I set up my swift to wind a 9 ounce skein of linen yarn from habu. I stretch the huge skein around the swift and begin to turn. Weighed down by the yardage, the swift turns slowly, transforming the skein from one nest to another.
I love assemblage’s paper crane garment, so I was thrilled when she released the knit version of the her design. I especially love the way the neckline is shaped organically by the roll of the fabric. Linen is a perfect fiber to work with at the moment, casting on during the heart of spring.

5 thoughts on “winding fiber

  1. thanks for mentioning this sweater. I hadn’t seen it before and it looks like a great summer knit.

  2. looks like we’ll be making the same sweater 🙂
    nice to see your post again.

  3. beautiful post, as always.
    and thanks for the links. 🙂

  4. What a lovely garment, I shall watch out for your post all about it.

  5. I love this sweater…
    can’t wait to see how perfectly your linen version looks!

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