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fiber journal


There is great satisfaction in creating a beautiful fabric by hand. I can’t help but stop frequently to admire the drape and texture of this knitted fabric. There are lots of emotions between the stitches and plenty more to come as I continue to knit this piece over the summer months. I knit when I’m tired and exhausted and when I’m filled with joy and happiness. When it’s not tucked in my bag, I leave it on my worktable mixed in with my weaving tools and other fiber goods. As I busy myself in the early evening with household things, I glance at the stitches in progress. I’m reminded of the past few months and am eager for that late evening moment when I can knit a few more rows.

5 thoughts on “fiber journal

  1. I know exactly what you mean: knitting as a solace and a comfort. From the looks of things, you’re creating a thing a beauty too!

  2. I am finding that as I get older knitting is becoming more like that, every stitch is a pleasure!

  3. I have less time for knitting than I once did, so I truly do savor the moments when I can squeeze a stitch in…usually in the evenings…usually late. It’s a hard decision, weave or knit, knit or weave…or spin. I think the assemblage piece is going to be lovely.

  4. I really like what you said about there being lots of emotions between the stitches. So true. Wonderful way of looking at knit fabric.

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