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barn coat hat


Liberty of London squares – I’m starting my first quilt!
Barn Coat Hat in wool to match this coat.
A simple hat but made of beautiful materials. Soft, organic wool from Swans Island Yarns. Even though the hat is really soft, I’d like to add a lining for extra warmth. My attempts at sewing one to the hat have been unsuccessful. I set up Fiber Hacker – a site to get help with all things fiber related – knitting, sewing, weaving….. Please visit if you have any thoughts on lining a hand knit hat.

5 thoughts on “barn coat hat

  1. Good luck on your first quilt!

  2. This is a little post about sewing your knitting – hope it helps!

  3. Knitting and sewing are great together! I like your colours!

  4. The quilt sounds fab, and such nice colours in the picture.

  5. A Liberty of London quilt?! Oh, I am so incredibly jealous…

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