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garter stitch & wool


EZ’s baby booties pattern in some wool from my weaving stash. I have to wind more off the cone so I can continue knitting with two strands.
I also started a Christmas stocking inspired by a collection of white stockings in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. All white, knit and sewn. The knit version has a generous garter stitch cuff followed by plain stockinette stitch in a beaded and sequined yarn. I’m usually not a fan of beaded yarns, but Martha makes them look so elegant and festive in the photo. I’d love to have a collection of all white stockings to hang up this year…

2 thoughts on “garter stitch & wool

  1. My “Living” magazine just came in the mail yesterday and haven’t had a chance to even crack it open. I hadn’t thought about using wool for baby gifts. Have always used cotton for I feared the wool would be to harsh or scratchy next to a baby. May have to reconsider.

  2. I like the prospect of white stockings in theory; but, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off right now–there is much need for the garish color-fest of Christmas reds and greens in my household at the moment. I love the beauty and simplicity of the baby bootie in white. They will be lovely.

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