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Felted EZ Bootees


Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Bootees from The Opinionated Knitter knit with wool roving held double on 6 mm needles. Big plump garter stitches tossed into the dryer to create felted booties. I love the result – but the fulling hides one of my favorite features of the booties, the way the garter stitch goes in different directions on the cuff. Must knit another pair.

6 thoughts on “Felted EZ Bootees

  1. Oh, they are felted! They are absolutely perfect.

  2. oooh they are s adorable 🙂

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous, some little person’s feet will be very warm in them.

  4. Oh! They are so lovely.

  5. I want to smoosh my face into them and rub it around.
    That’s not weird, right?

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