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  1. i really need to get my hands on some shelter!
    it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Sweet hat. I can see why you’ve knit this pattern several times. A classic.

    And I too want to get my hands on some Shelter. How did you like working with it?

  3. beautiful yarn (and hat ;-))

  4. so good!!
    are you going to do some weaving projects this winter??

  5. I just read about Shelter. It looks like a lovely yarn and your hat looks very cozy.

  6. Looks like the perfect pairing of pattern to yarn. For you?

  7. hmm so lovely! would love to try knit with it someday. hope you’re well 🙂

  8. That looks squishy and lovely.

  9. where is the pattern on the website? i can’t seem to find it…

    thanks! this looks great.

  10. it looks perfect I will have a go, thank you!

  11. I looked everywhere (well almost) on the site you mention and on the web, but I can’t find that pattern.
    : (

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