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More baby socks. I like that they are not tight around his ankles like store bought socks. I’ve been looking through my stash to see if I can find some yarn for a baby sweater – not just something that will work, but a yarn in a color and fiber that will inspire (and justify?) the time spent knitting.  I’m not sure I’ve found it yet…

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  1. hi hi…super cute!
    the baby needs sweaters and lots of lovely knit stuff so never justify!
    ; )

  2. How sweet! My latest knitting project is in beautiful Swans Islands Merino, and I was thinking yesterday while working with it what a perfect yarn it would be for baby garments. I remember you knitting a lovely hat in it, any of it left in your stash, perhaps?

  3. so sweet!!! I still need to answer your mail with pictures showing you the best of Versailles, and from our place 🙂 We’ve been moving, then selling house, then in holidays! Tomorrow, happy easter for you and your family!! I love baby socks.

  4. congrats brooke!! i hope you and the baby are doing well. hugs xoxo

  5. Lovely! Congratulations. x

  6. I discover your site today and I find your pictures really beautiful and inspiring.
    I hope I ‘ll read more in the future

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