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Trying on a new pair of socks before I weave in the ends.  I used the same yarn for my favorite pair of leg warmers (different colorway).

Do you knit socks?  If not, I think you should.  It’s so satisfying to knit a pair of perfect fitting socks.  (Even if they are small like these which can be finished in a few days.)  This book has always been very helpful…

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  1. Sadly, I’ve not had a lot of sock knitting time lately. But you’re right, there is nothing better than putting on a handknit pair! So cozy. Love the photos!

  2. wow. i just love your blog. i mean, really. my creative muscles are flexing wildly. 🙂 anyway, i’ve always wanted to learn to knit socks–i’ll have to get on that one of these days.

  3. Babies bottoms in nappies are so adorable aren’t they?! And their little fists clenched up too! Was there ever such a stylish and elegant baby as yours? What a great start in life, to have an elegant stylish Mummy. Vanessa xxx

  4. I haven’t tried knitting socks yet, but I’d like to. Thank you for the book recommendation.

  5. isn’t sock knitting addicting? i was a skeptic until i tried it… and now i’m hooked.

  6. How sweet – the first photo.
    I am starting a new pair of socks – it’s really cold. So perfect for knitting.

  7. I just finished grafting two pairs. I love to knit socks, you are right it’s so satisfying!
    I’m always looking forward for your posts. Such a calm and beautiful place this is. Happy knitting.

  8. Pretty photos and nice socks !

    Thank you for your kind message. Have a nice day.

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