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sculpture. texture. knitting.

Chinese Style Pullover
Hand-Knit Works by Setsuko Torii
(Kit 89 from habu)
A-60-115 & 117 Shosenshi Paper, 6mm needles
mods: 5 extra Reps to length, single crochet around armholes
5 brown 19 mm buttons (#BO-8-1) from habu
* the first three photos were taken yesterday after it had been hand washed (it felt like seaweed when wet, but once dry it retained the texture), the last photograph was taken outside in bright light a week ago immediately after finishing
Sculpture. Texture. Knitting.
A garment that bears greater resemblance to a piece of art than a softly folded sweater on the shelf. And yet I love it. I finished this top while traveling and didn’t realize until later that the neck line was off – more boat neck than turtleneck. I didn’t fix it because after sewing the two pieces together the neck line felt quite comfortable. The V’s that make up the stitch pattern accentuate the nature of the yarn, flat linen contrasted by purly bumps. The dark and delicate buttons really complete the pullover. The Japanese numbering system, challenging at first but quickly clear and easy to understand, made for a interesting knit. There were so many things about this project that were new and challenging – a new way to read and execute a pattern, a new yarn (with the cones on a towel rod type tool for smooth knitting), a new construction (I really like the way the arm holes and shoulders are constructed). Surprisingly comfortable when worn, the sound that is created when on the needles doesn’t disappear with the bind off. My movements are accompanied by subtle sounds – it’s as if I am walking through fields of wheat.
I cast on for this project after seeing Pullovers by Kirsten and Olga – thanks for the inspiration!
Eager to start another Setsuko Torii design as soon as this one was finished, I started another project from Hand-Knit Works…..details later this week.



Above, the front piece of the Chinese pullover…nearing completion of the back piece and waiting for buttons on backorder.
And some news… I’ve been working on a separate home for my weaving work:
It’s just a placeholder for now, but I’m looking forward to the development of this new space.




The room was flooded with light when I took this photo, making the color of the yarn look a bit lighter here.
It’s the start of a new knitting project, the Chinese Style Pullover by Setsuko Torii from Hand-Knit Works (kit-89 from habu). I received my copy a few months ago and was having trouble deciding where to start. All the garments are so gorgeous. I was inspired to get kit-89 after seeing beautiful versions here and here. Last weekend I was in the back room at habu, standing in front of the colors and trying to decide what two strands would look good together. I compared huge light hanks of shosenshi paper, finally choosing khaki and gray. I’ve only knit about 5 inches and already I’m in love with the texture created by the linen yarn. The pattern, the sounds of the material as you knit and the surface texture of the garment make for a new and invigorating knitting experience.