The Daily Purl


the gray collection

I was just thinking about taking a walk but it has started to rain again. It was clear this morning – I guess I missed my chance. I was looking forward to wrapping this soft alpaca scarf around my neck, the loosely spun fringe catching the wind. I wouldn’t mind a break from these overcast rainy days – but I couldn’t help using gray materials again. Shades of gray in textiles don’t look dreary to me, but appear crisp and modern. For this piece I wanted something modern but not too crisp – the uneven yarn, handspun on a drop spindle over the course of many days, creates a fabric full of textural interest and warmth.
Warp: naturally dyed silk from habu – kakishibu tokkenshi in sumi charcoal (A-15-43)
Weft: handspun alpaca – single ply – baby alpaca top in silver streak – fiber from the yarn tree
handwoven scarf 11.5 inches by 54 inches (not including fringe)