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sew :: weave

A cashmere and silk handwoven shawl created for Blossom as part of our sew :: weave exchange.
Driven by the subtle differences in the habu materials, I used this project to try them out in ways that were new to me. The yarns are all dark but of varying texture. I used silks of two different weights as warp: fine yet slubby token viscose silk and the slightly thicker, even kakishibu tokkenshibu silk.
Using yarns of different weights and textures to create depth. The difference is very subtle – take a closer look.



It’s difficult to make out in the photographs, but it is there. The true test is when you take the shawl in your hands and see how the warp materials make it fold in unexpected ways. I wanted the bulk of the shawl to be plain weave so it would be warm, but also wanted some detail. I decided on a section of textural silk placed off center (gracing one shoulder), a panel with groups of 2/2 leno in a diagonal design. Inspiration came from looking up at the trees during the evening, the setting sun highlighting the tops of the branches. The weft is supremely soft naturally dyed cashmere from habu.
I savored every phase of this project, from warping with different materials to anticipating the moment the cashmere would interact with the warp yarns to the excitement at seeing the original fabric fold and move once off the loom.


tree top shawl handwoven 20 in by 70 in
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