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tsumugi silk scarf

weaving swatch inspired by the samples in Plain Weaving
A day in early January inspired this scarf and then time was spent thinking about how to capture it via warp and weft. I chose muted green and gray tsumugi silk and planned a specific stripe sequence for the warp. I used the same material for the weft but also added some kid mohair to contrast the cotton-like feel of the silk. I finished late last night and was eager this morning to see it in natural light, to wrap this new textile around my neck. Delicate texture – it feels wonderful.
Warp: habu tsumugi silk (A-1-1 and A-1-43)
Weft: habu tsumugi silk (A-1-1 and A-1-43) & habu kid mohair (N-52-24)
Scarf: 9.5 inches by 55 inches



An early morning run a few weeks ago. The gentle waves of fog rolled over muted green grass. Forgetting distance and cold. Appreciating the moment outdoors. Wishing every morning could be like this one. Mind and body invigorated.
This week I sat down at the table with materials of mixed textures before me – tsumugi silk, airy kid mohair and crisp linen. Working on my warp plan. Nearby, Plain Weaving open to the page that shows Misao Iwamura’s studio near Mt. Hiei. A building with tall skinny windows nestled in a small grove of trees. Black and white photos show the interior – a spinning wheel in one corner draped with a handwoven piece and three round stones at its feet. Yarn filled cones line a shelf. Iwamura at work at one of her looms.

A look at my next handwoven piece in progress
tsumugi silk (A-1-1 & A-1-43) and kid mohair (N-52-24) from habu
Many thanks to all who visited and commented on the aran coat. I truly appreciate your kind words.