The Daily Purl


garter stitch & wool

EZ’s baby booties pattern in some wool from my weaving stash. I have to wind more off the cone so I can continue knitting with two strands.
I also started a Christmas stocking inspired by a collection of white stockings in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. All white, knit and sewn. The knit version has a generous garter stitch cuff followed by plain stockinette stitch in a beaded and sequined yarn. I’m usually not a fan of beaded yarns, but Martha makes them look so elegant and festive in the photo. I’d love to have a collection of all white stockings to hang up this year…


barn coat hat

Liberty of London squares – I’m starting my first quilt!
Barn Coat Hat in wool to match this coat.
A simple hat but made of beautiful materials. Soft, organic wool from Swans Island Yarns. Even though the hat is really soft, I’d like to add a lining for extra warmth. My attempts at sewing one to the hat have been unsuccessful. I set up Fiber Hacker – a site to get help with all things fiber related – knitting, sewing, weaving….. Please visit if you have any thoughts on lining a hand knit hat.


swan’s island

On my worktable: a skein from Swans Island Yarns and a pretty stamp from a letter received in the mail last week. I also have a skein in pink which I started knitting yesterday – a hat in a color that perfectly matches the little recipient’s barn coat. Lots to love about this yarn: organic merino, naturally dyed and it’s really soft! (I imagine their blankets are wonderful too!)