The Daily Purl


fiber journal

There is great satisfaction in creating a beautiful fabric by hand. I can’t help but stop frequently to admire the drape and texture of this knitted fabric. There are lots of emotions between the stitches and plenty more to come as I continue to knit this piece over the summer months. I knit when I’m tired and exhausted and when I’m filled with joy and happiness. When it’s not tucked in my bag, I leave it on my worktable mixed in with my weaving tools and other fiber goods. As I busy myself in the early evening with household things, I glance at the stitches in progress. I’m reminded of the past few months and am eager for that late evening moment when I can knit a few more rows.


winding fiber


Empty cones and scraps of organic cotton greet me as I set up my swift to wind a 9 ounce skein of linen yarn from habu. I stretch the huge skein around the swift and begin to turn. Weighed down by the yardage, the swift turns slowly, transforming the skein from one nest to another.
I love assemblage’s paper crane garment, so I was thrilled when she released the knit version of the her design. I especially love the way the neckline is shaped organically by the roll of the fabric. Linen is a perfect fiber to work with at the moment, casting on during the heart of spring.