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At my yoga class this morning the front door was propped open with a large rock, allowing a gentle breeze to flow into the room. We moved through the poses to dancing leaves on the sidewalk outside. I’ve recently renewed my practice after a long break and am amazed at how much the breathing and stretching has invigorated my mind and body.
The movement and energy of the day will continue with my knitting this evening in the form of Balsam by Ilga Leja. (Now if I could only find a chair like this gorgeous one the evening would be perfect.)

7 thoughts on “movement

  1. I can almost feel the breeze…zen…love the cowl

  2. Beautiful pictures of beautiful knitting. I need to take yoga. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. What a great pattern! It’s going to be lovely (and snuggly) in gray 🙂

  4. Baeutiful pictures, thank you!

  5. Ommmm
    That second pic is pure nirvana.

  6. I always make grey seem so exciting, B. The cowl is going to be lovely.

  7. love that color. i have Balsam queued, and keep thinking i really need to make it. maybe watching your progress will motivate me. i hope so!

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