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the possibilities are endless


Canvas, silk, velvet & brocade, cotton, recycled… So many ways to carry knitting projects.
I must have my knitting with me, even if I know I’ll only have a few moments during the day to knit. I probably look like a bag lady, knitting bag over shoulder and handbag with everything else. So far I’ve been able to keep them separate –wonder how long that will last? Here’s a little flash of my knitting bag. Work in progress, notebook, pattern. Crystal Palace and clover needles, light enough to carry around just in case someone wants to learn to knit on the spot. Some alpaca and silk hiding in the corner. How do you carry your knits?
Bag by Offhand Designs. Knitty (hey, the Spring issue is up!) reviews it here and you can find it in pretty colors over at pureknits.
And one last thing. Go read this.

2 thoughts on “the possibilities are endless

  1. aww thanks for the shout out! I use my offhand bag now as just my bag. so knitting, ipod, wallet, a sweater, and maybe some water all go with me in the same bag 🙂

  2. HEY! I posted a thread about showing off our knitting bags last week. It’s always so interesting to see what other knitters have in their “binkie bags”. 🙂

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