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a hooded sweater


After seeing Julie’s Wonderful Wallaby, I knew I had to knit this sweater for my friend’s little sprite. Comfy pouch, hood and it’s seamless!
Pattern: The Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton, 2 1/2 skeins
Color: Shell, # 606
Size: Wanda Wallaby, Size 2
Gauge: 9 sts = 2 inches
Needles: 4 mm addi circular and dpns, 5 mm 24” addi circular and dpns, extra 5 mm circular needle for pouch
Cast on: alternate cable cast-on
Note: I purchased the pattern from purlsoho, but the Cottage Creations patterns are available at many online stores.
Written with a nod to Elizabeth Zimmermann this hooded sweater features a hand-warming pouch and cozy hood. The body of the sweater and sleeves are knit in the round, joined at the yolk and zooom….speedy, seamless knitting! The pattern booklet includes sizes for children 2 to 12 and adults petite to super size. I replaced the garter stitch borders with cables, adding them on whim last week when I was knitting the pouch. I thought, why not? And although it wasn’t a huge change to the pattern, it was fun to mix it up a bit. (Hhmm…what will I do to the neck and hood?) Once I got to the placket I knit two small cables, adding a few stitches to account for any pull they would have around the front of the neck. I decided not to include the neck ribbing, but looking at it now I wish I had knit that key detail. It’s only one inch of K1 P1 ribbing, but I think it probably helps define the neck and shape of the hood. I continued the cables from the placket up around the edge and wove the hood to a point using Kitchener stitch.
Want more? Check out the Wonderful Wallaby Flickr Group

17 thoughts on “a hooded sweater

  1. This is so cute! Love the cables around the hood, they’ll frame the baby’s face very nicely!

  2. I love this! And I’m sure my daughters and husband would too so I’m going to order the pattern NOW. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Wow, that wallaby looks fantastic. Way to go on the mods, I just love the cables!

  4. Oh, Brooke, it’s PERFECT! I want to do cables, too! I’m finishing up my second one for project spectrum (held off on completion til February because it’s blue…which is kind of cheating) and then I’m going to embark on the Blue Sky Cotton one. Wallabies for everyone!

  5. very cute brooke! i love all the little details that you put into it. and that blue sky cotton is gonna hold up nice. i’ve heard that it gets softer with each washing 🙂 mmmmmmm

  6. The Wallaby is on my list, I LOVE the way yours turned out. The cables add just the right touch of pizazz! Great work Brooke!

  7. Now, if only they made those Wallabies for grown-ups! Love the cable addition!

  8. I absolutely love the cable detail around the hood – it’s a great mod to the pattern. The Blue Sky cotton is some seriously yummy stuff!

  9. Very pretty. It looks nice and cozy.

  10. Very cute! I am amazed at how much knitting you get accomplished! ~ L.
    PS ~ Thanks for the comment about the Tipsy Socks. I hope they are warm.

  11. Very nice!! I like that you added the cables. I have yarn waiting in the wings for a Wallaby, too.

  12. I think that did it, I must have the pattern! I love the mods and the yarn you chose!

  13. Great Wallaby! I’ve also started one because of J. Frick. Almost to the armholes. I love knitting kid knits in the round. Fast & easy to do while saying, “Please get off the dog.”

  14. Love your Wallaby! This is a very popular pattern at my knitting store. EZ would be so proud of you adding cables on a whim and to your “why not” attitude. Your little personal details really make the sweater special.

  15. Good day. This is a beautiful variation of the Wallaby!! I have a question, though, about the original and your pattern…. how the heck did you knit the pouch!? I can’t understand the directions… I know how to get the pouch started, but past the second row of instructions – I’m dumbfounded!

  16. I am a beginner knitter struggling in making the Wallaby. I have the body done and am ready to attach the sleeves. Can someone help me with some advice? I don’t have someone to show me or a yarn store that can help with the directions. I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  17. I love the purling! Can you tell me how you did it exactly?

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