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ah sweet fiber


Just looking at this fiber makes me forget the piercing cold wind that’s whipping around outside.
I decided to take a short break from the needles and spent the weekend spinning some blue face leicester and alpaca from the yarn tree. Making yarn. Delicate movements, the rhythm of drafting in fiber, winding on the twists, very addictive.

10 thoughts on “ah sweet fiber

  1. What I heart about your blog is that it is beautifully pale and monochromatic.

  2. Such a soothing post. Just what I needed in my frantic state. Ahhhh.
    Still trying to decide what to do about the mistake in my sweater, but thank you for weighing in on the decision. I might try to rip back just that rib, but because the ribbing is twisted, I’m afraid ripping just those two stitches all the way down won’t work. Hmmm. My new theme song right now is “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Perfectionists.”
    Have fun spinning your beautiful fiber.

  3. Visually poetic…a beautiful post!

  4. I love how you wrote about this. Beautiful words, yarn and photography.

  5. that looks so warm and cozy! nothing like wool to warm up the soul!

  6. Oh you are so right! Eveything about spinning is addicting.

  7. Sorry…I’m am the Anonymous commenter!

  8. I don’t spin. And this is the very first hand spun yarn shot (out of many) that has inspired me to. It’s beautiful!

  9. I have just learnt the basis knowledge of spinning and post in my blog, it is fun and exciting. Hope that can obtain the wool and try to spin in a more professional way.

  10. Your handspun is that perfect? Show me a slub—pronto!—or I quit! 🙂
    (I’m not kidding.)

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