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in progress


The back completed.
I’m working on one of the front pieces now – a good steady stream of stockinette for the next few days – I’ll pop in when I get to the lovely details on this project.

15 thoughts on “in progress

  1. That color is gorgeous!

  2. Ditto on the color! You can keep posting pics of this for weeks, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. I love that color too!

  4. The color is absolutely gorgeous–so deep and rich.

  5. Whoa, what a great colour!!

  6. It’s already been said but that color just blows my mind. With that yarn, even simple stockinette looks like a piece of art.

  7. So, so beautiful.

  8. what an amazing color!

  9. I am being a bit unoriginal, but the color is gorgeous, really.

  10. Have to join in. The color is gorgeous!

  11. Oh, your st st is so regular! And the colour is so rich, which yarn are you using?

  12. A sea of beautiful, perfect stitches. Lovely. Love that pretty plum color.

  13. Wow. Yeah…gorgeous.
    I can’t wait to see how it looks when done. And your tension is so perfect! My stocking stitch looks nowhere near as beautiful.

  14. Ohhh – this looks absolutely beautiful – what a really gorgeous color this is! Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  15. that is a beautiful color, I love that shade of purple. It looks great

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